by Kaz   Aug 31, 2007

Life is extended,
another day to live,
life gets harsher,
more and more to give,
to sacrifice,
world seems cruel,
each is for their own,
life is none for the other,

another hour passes,
another second ticks,
life seems shorter,
god plays his sticks,
experience we do,
we gain,
but lose more a too,

experiences grow,
realize more,
feel not much,
but I just know,
hard it gets to mourn for own,
losing all,
all for the other,

but always the doubt,
I have,
Is the other our own,
Or not,
Never will answer,
The god I ask,
He is silent,
Playing his sticks,

Rivers of tears,
Mountains of pain,
Covers my life,
Still just seems the same,

Life never would've been like this,
Ever , never,
If I wouldn't have given up one of all,
I required to walk this road,
It was the other,
Fulfilled my requirement,
All disappeared in a matter of time,

All I wrote till now,
Had no meaning,
Neither will now,
I ask upon just one thing,
Still asking,
For your forgiveness,
I lost my all and one most meaning,

Love was the one,
I was needing,
Once was there,
Know not it coming back,
Life is the same,
Will not go back,

Love was there,
You know too,
My life was all,
And only for you,
Never have doubted,
My love for you,
Never will,
Neither will you,

I know it all,
My love is strong,
Never will break,
Not now,
Not ever,
One base meaning,
You give to all,
My life is yours,

We separate now,
Nothing will change,
I still live without a cage,
Life was clear,
Was with you,

I lose all,
I still dont care,
I've lost,
But life is still there,

Live not for own,
But for the other,
Was never meant for me,
My prayer goes on,
I dont get a life of my own,..


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