Self hatrid

by Teryl Rae   Sep 15, 2007

I wish i was pretty
I wish I wasn't so weak
I wish you still loved me
I wish you didn't hate me over that
So I took my razer out of hate
and cried myself to sleep
I wish I was dead
I cant live with out you
The pains to great
The razor breaks through the barrier of my skin
the blood bleeds deep with in
Ha ha i laugh just a few more cuts
and I will be dead
I can show you all my weaknesses
and you cant hurt me once I'm gone
This is my plan all because of my self Hate
You come to rescue me from my destruction
Your a little late
I'm already gone
Dead and happy
Cause now you cant hurt me and I cant hurt myself
All because of my self hate
I got myself into this
I couldn't get out of this depression
cause of all my self hate


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