I hate You Now

by Teryl Rae   Sep 17, 2007

The tear drops fall and shatter to the floor,
Millions of shards every where,
It's the way you left, how you just walked out
You left me here all alone to die,
I cried so much, just for you
Hell I have no clue why
Why? I could ask you that a billion Times
But I'm not wasting my few last breaths
The smell Of my Rotting flesh emerges
For days no one knew
They saw my death
Shot right through the head
Drove because of own insanity
I loved you key word 'loved'
I hate you now
Your put to blame
Blood pours out my open mouth
Brains splattered on the bathroom walls
The room that smelt like death
Ha ha I laugh at your tears
I pitty your pity
I took a bullet through my head and the blade to my wrists
I hate you now
I took my life to say it but;
Still I hate you now


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