A Hearts Race.

by babblingxbrooke   Sep 18, 2007

My heart is preparing at the starting line, and as the whistle blows,
will I be able to compete with the others? no one yet knows.

I start off slow, at a regular pace.
but then I remember that this is a race.

I want to be the winner, the one to win your heart,
but all of the others had a head start.

then I see the curve, trying to throw me off track.
I round the corner flawlessly and do not dare look back.

then in the distance I see a hurtle, I am determined to surpass.
I leap with all my might, my blood pumping fast.

a little further away I am able to see the finish line.
I am about to win my prize, his heart will be all mine.

my heart is beating a mile a minute and then I make the worst possible slip,
my feet get carried away and in return I trip.

I was trampled on, stomped on, left there to cry.
I was so determined and had the courage to try,

to win over your heart but I failed to cross that line.
I was just feet away from making you mine.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Lisa

    Wow great work!
    keep it up:)

  • 13 years ago

    by CrossMyHeartAndHopeToDie

    Lol this was so cute! i luv the ending even tho it was a sad ending. but i like it a lot

  • 13 years ago

    by Kyle

    Wow thats a pretty cool poem! im sure i know who its for. lol i like it and i hope you feel better brooke!