Just wanna run away!

by Jez   Sep 24, 2007

I hate my life so bad
I just want to run away
I don't see why it is for people to understand
just how much I hate it!!
I'm sick of all the people around me.
Thinking they are the boss, telling me what to do.
How they always expect something out of me that i can not give.
Or they want me to be someone I'm not!
i don't know why they can't just accept me for who I am now. If they want me to be someone.
If they can't learn to either live with it they can get ova it coz i don't wanna change who i am for anyone.
I can't help who I am. and i can't change all the bad things in my past that i have been through... i can't help it if I'm scared of my dad. I've tried to forget what he's done... I've even given him a second chance... but he blew it... he done the same thing again and again... I've tried and I've tried... and I just can't anymore...
I don't know what to do... I just wanna run away and never go back!


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