As She Sits.

by Marissa Marzano   Nov 5, 2007

By Marissa Marzano

She sits there with her teddy bear,
With tears running down her face.
He has been in her head for a very long time,
And she needs to know he was a big mistake.

As she sits there all quiet and alone,
With her heart beginning to melt.
She doesn't have anything to think about,
Except for those words she spelt.

I L-O-V-E Y-O-U written all over book,
There wasn't a blank space left.
Little did he know that she felt this way,
And he forgot her without a breath.

They haven't spoken for a week or two,
But little did she know.
That the next time she would ever see him
Would be on MTV at his rock show.

She crawled up into the corner of her room,
Longing for the day.
That every feeling she had for him,
Would just eventually float away.

I don't think her feelings will die,
At least not until they part.
But until then she has to wait,
And get ready for a brand new start.

She looks up at the ceiling of her room,
Wondering what went wrong.
All these feelings that she's willing to lose,
Will only make her strong.

As she starts to drift off to sleep,
She starts to dream of him.
About the day that he finally became hers
And she could hear the wedding bells ring.


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  • 14 years ago

    by gack60

    This is a really nice piece of poetry, it shows a lot of emotion felt when in love.

    Well done.