I have this feather

by Lenny   Nov 7, 2007

I have this feather
But do I?

It came to me
Not from lover
Not from the change-slaves

But from a robin.

As he flew over head
He dropped his feather
And now its in my hand.

I have this feather
But I wonder

Was it meant for me?

If it was a wallet- Id return it
If it was ten cents- my pocket
Would claim it

Then spit it at the change-slaves
But its a feather

Should I pass it on?
Because I think Ill make a
Dream from it.

Bind it to a promise
And pass it on

Perhaps to a lover
Perhaps to someone
Mourning their wallet

But Ill never put it in my pocket
And spit it to the change-slaves.

I have this feather
But do I?


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