Eating DNA

by Lenny   Nov 11, 2007

Tip acid down sink
Human waste

Its eating dna
You vomit from your lips
So often

Wash the paranoia
Cold stone grates and fires
Of hell

It may be sweet
But its growing bitter
In these eyes

This vessel
Is for the purities
Of human kind

Natural life
Of sweetest highs
And minor downs

Im sorry
Stop, but mean it

Do it for
Fires of dragon tongues
And forget-me-not
Memos on the fridge

What do we do today?
Melt in the beauty of nature
Suffocate and drown in
Spider web corners
Of dreams

Eat a log
Of skittle rainbow bars
And have a future

Teach me Spanish

But it has to start
With stopping

The best books
Start at an end
And vortex back

Please vortex with me
I miss the spinning
The colours

Catch my addiction!
So I say, once again
Tip acid down sink

Human waste-
Its eating dna.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Drew Gold

    I lose this, i love the recursion, the passwords, the codes