Over You

by mmHmm   Nov 22, 2007

It was false everytime she thought she was over you
with pieces of her heart stuck on beleiving you were true
second chances were freely given
and so many countless times you were forgiven
you dragged this on as long as you could
and broke her so greatly she couldn't heal like she should
shes a priceless thing and one in a million
but you took her for granted and left her numb with no feelin
it could have been a good love where both people won
but to you another game only played for pleasure and fun
shes a fighter and she'll come out strong
your thoughts will drift back to what u let go and how you
were completely wrong
one day you'll wake up and realize how much you care
while she's waking up next to the open who already knew
and they'll be absolutely nothing you can do...


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