Her Ache

by mmHmm   Nov 22, 2007

Collective sighs and eyes that shows she cried
with trembling fingers
on her fragile skin your touch still lingers
you didn't know what was behind closed doors into her soul
the pit of hopelessness creating its hole
she cried, called, and did everything to savor
every last memory of when their love never wavered
its broken pieces lay upon her bed
becuz thoughts of you were forever stuck in her head
its an endless misery
her losing you
through empty love letters and songs now of blue
friends tell her he's not worth it
but how could she explain how everything about him was
imperfectly perfect
fantasies of a reunion
hoping it never died-they're loves perfect union
a bells not a bell until someone rings it
a songs not a song until someone sings it
and her hearts not complete without his love there to ease it


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