So strangled

by Farukh   Nov 23, 2007

Like an axe cuts the tree on a hit
So Am I, a hit, sulked and gutted
In this, the world of injustice
Patience upon patience I built up
Went it for no use
This is how I had been much of my life
Left so strangled
But I have to cope up
Rule of the nature
To withstand
Fight the fight of justice
To give the justice a justice
Got to take a breath of perseverance
This is only the hope on my way
Got to keep up the spirit
Have to control the negativity
Around me
Have to keep up the flow of positivity
Within the negativity
Come on! I have to
I can not let myself strangled
I have to give up giving up
Why to sulk!
Why to get exhausted!
Got to keep up my words
My energy
My life
My life
No I am not strangled


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