Taking Responsibility For Your Destiny

by Abegail Salazar   Dec 20, 2007

Your destiny comes about as a result
of what you do now. You are
responsible for what you are doing and
experiencing now, therefore you are
responsible for the destiny you will
experience in the future. You are in a
constant state of creating your
destiny, and every moment contributes
to the destiny you will experience.
What you are doing and experiencing
now is your current reality. You have
a great deal more control over your
current reality than your ego has
allowed you to remember. In fact, you
are in a constant state of creating,
manifesting and experiencing your
reality. Each moment in your life is
created, manifested and experienced by
you for your growth and development.
Let me further explain what I mean.

Creation is the act of bringing a
thought to your mind, forming a plan
for its implementation and execution,
and putting that plan to action.
Manifestation is the physical result
of your mental creation. Experience is
the way you choose to see and react to
your manifestation.

You create and manifest both in the
conscious and unconscious state. Most
of us have already created and
experienced conscious manifestations.
Choosing to lose 10 pounds and
achieving it, or getting a college
degree are two examples of conscious
manifestations. If something did not
exist in your life, and you made a
conscious decision to achieve it or
not achieve it, this is an example of
a conscious manifestation. It might
take you a moment, hour, day, month,
year or more to create, manifest and
experience your current situation, yet
the choice to bring this to you was
yours. The value in a conscious
manifestation lies not in what you can
manifest, but in the knowledge that
you can manifest whatever it is you
choose. Having physical proof, the
knowledge that you have the power to
manifest your reality allows you to
begin opening your mind to the
possibility that your physical
experience is created, manifested and
experienced by you.

What you experience in your physical
world is simply a reflection of what
is in your mind. Simply changing the
thoughts that you allow to enter your
mind can change your reality. If your
mind lacks clarity, the circumstances
that you will manifest in your
physical world will also lack clarity.
If thoughts of peace and love fill
your mind, then the circumstances that
you will manifest in your physical
world will be equally as peaceful and

Think back to times when you have been
in either a good or bad mood, and
recall how being in that mood colored
your experience for the day. The world
feels tougher, less fair and more
hopeless when you are in a bad mood.
If youâ??re in a bad mood, little things
upset you much more than if you are in
a good mood. Those little or not so
little things are still the same; the
only thing that changes the way you
see them is the kind of mood youâ??re
in, or your mental state. Depending on
whether youâ??re in a peaceful or
agitated mental state, those little
things will affect you differently.
Little by little, you start realizing
that reality has nothing to do with
what those little things are.

If you will, open your mind and
entertain the possibility that it is
your mind and not the outside world
that needs changing. If the ego
accepts this, it would want you to
begin this process with the idea that
you must improve yourself or become
something better in order to have an
improved or better life. For a moment,
put the egoâ??s demands aside and simply
recognize that this change will not
come about by becoming something more
or better, but by simply bringing
yourself into a closer realignment
with who you have always been, your
Godself. My friend, you will some day
realize that there is nothing easier
than being who in truth you are. On
the deepest level, it is an effortless

You have manifested and continually
manifest into your reality certain
situations and patterns that assist
you in your learning or remembering
process. By looking back at your life,
you can better understand which
lessons you have chosen to learn, and
which lessons you are still in the
process of learning. Now you may be
able to see how perfectly you created
your circumstances in order to learn
your lessons and complete your
patterns. Patterns or lessons repeat
themselves because you choose not to
learn from them. You make
certain â??mistakesâ?? in your life that
you donâ??t learn from and thus you
repeat them until you learn to choose
with love and forgiveness. Once you
have learned what the pattern is
about, it is no longer necessary to
experience that pattern. Most patterns
keep occurring in your life because
there is some kind of value they hold
for you. Once the value is recognized,
you are able to release yourself from

Only you can make the final choice of
how you see life, of how you react to
life and of how you live life. You may
attract others to your life to assist
you in your learning process, but it
is you who gets to make the final
choice of what you will focus on and

When I suggest that you attract others
in your life to assist you, I am
suggesting that you and others make a
spiritual commitment to assist each
other in the learning and remembering
process, and ultimately in the release
of all fear and ego-based patterns.
Every brother and sister in your life
has made a spiritual commitment to
assist you, and you have consciously
or unconsciously made a spiritual
commitment to assist them in their
growth and development. Thus, if your
current perception toward them is
anything but that of gratitude, you
will create confusion. It is in the
state of confusion that patterns and
lessons are repeated.

It is your beliefs and perceptions
that will drive your focus; it is what
you focus on that you will experience.
If this is still difficult for you to
grasp, take, for example, two types of
people we have all met: optimists and
pessimists. Spend an entire day with
both of these types of people. If you
do this once, you will never again
question that a personâ??s reality, how
he or she sees and reacts to the
world, is mainly in that personâ??s mind
and has little or nothing to do with
the outer physical world.


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