My hopes for him

by with this small heart i give u all   Jan 7, 2008

In this night i hope, i pray
at least a hug to set my day
i look into his eyes
with no hope in me
i try to build up so i can see
that hes the one just for me
i know i love him because i have a heart
and it lead me his way

should i hug him with no words to say?

i cry because hes what i prayed
hes what i hoped each and everyday
i close my eyes so i don't lead
and hes who comes up to me
shares a hug in all his despaired
says hes sorry
it shows he cares
all my needs were asking for was a hug
hes not this angel for above
but he brung a smile to my face
witch lead me home
with no hope of waste


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    by Laurenf7


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    by LiNa

    I love this poem it's right up my alley these days

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