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Hey i'm Lina.
i have been writting since 6t grade about everything.anything that comes to mind i write about about it. i love to write and come up with new ideas and thoughts.i've been thru alot of shit in my life. i believe in true love and i have found mine<3 in the end everything happends for a reason, so dont blame urself just be happy that u had the experience and that u learned from it. if u wanna talk message me on here or add me on myspace, look me up Angelina Henkel. love and peace :)

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  • You once stared into these eyes
    and whispered words of lies...

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    they say u only find love once...

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    whenever u make me smile i think to myself how do...

  • You looked at me with those eyes i once could read
    you looked at me and smiled...

  • Tomorrow is a new day thats what they all said to...
    but nothing has happened nothing has changed...

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  • I'll love you just that little bit more tomorrow. i love you baby

    14 years ago
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  • I gave you my heart and i thought that ment something to you

    14 years ago
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  • "u dont care so you just gave up on everything i have tried to build up"

    15 years ago
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