The Hearts Forbidden Treasure (Collab)

by Mommy And Me   Jan 31, 2008

The Hearts Forbidden Treasure (Collab)

You remind me of a girl that I once knew;
Her eyes so delicate and fragile; but a baby blue,
I thought it was real so I took a leap of faith.
Her name flowed through my heart, it still whispers Saith--
In the end my words fell like a drop of rain in the sea.

Oh yes my darling Elizabeth, you remind me of this girl--
I see her face whenever I look at you, beautiful as a pearl.
Your lips red as roses, your eyes her baby blue;
Don't you see this is why I can not be with you?
...but forbidden as it is... I think I'm falling in love.

Your voice is as sweet as wine,
In my dreams you're only mine;
Visions of you flow through my head; and they swirl--
You are the reason I breathe today beautiful girl;
You are as lovely as a rose -- but im afraid to get pricked.

Oh the words I long to hear from your lips;
The thoughts I get when I look at your hips;
My mind is screaming no; but Liz, you are so fine.
My heart is racing, why won't god give me a sign--
...forbidden as is it... I'll let you know I've fallen.

As strong as I am, I find myself crawling;
Suddenly it is Saith that I am once again recalling'
The to fear of being hurt again; my heart still solely grips--
But there are no rules in the love scripts...
I thought I knew what love was -- now I know that love is.

By Terra and Garry


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  • 13 years ago


    I love this, Terra . It was really well written by the both of you . Each stanza has very good imagery that is able to captivate a reader from the very first line of the poem and keep them interested until the last and even after the poem . I especially loved the first stanza, it stood out the most to me . Kudos to the both of you . <3

  • 13 years ago

    by Letty

    Brilliant!!!! You have a few bumps that you need to smooth out, but brilliant never the less. This was great work. Very creative and captivating. There is nothing more I can really say except smooth those bumps and you have yourself a masterpiece. Of course you already knew that didn't you Terra? Lol. Keep up the great work.