by Sarah   Feb 5, 2008

Tick tock...tick tock
Tick tock...tick

From the moment we open our eyes till the moment we close them
We run
Life is a race
A timed race
Some people run fast
some slow down
But we all run we never stop
We stumble
we fall
Sometimes we lose track
Then some find their way back
while others get lost and never to be found
We feel like time is running too fast
We feel that it's about to run out
Though we will never know when it all ends
We still run
To be ahead...To be the first
To reach and see
What no one else have
I am running too
I am still seeking what's true
I can feel the clock running and I wish it stops for a minute
Just a minute to enjoy the ride
But no
It will never discontinue what it is predestined to
I'll run
I'll try to keep up
Cause I don't know what else to do
I can hear it now loud and clear
It's ticking
Calling me back from that dream
To where I belong
Keeping me on track
I join the rest and try to be the best
And the sound still plays...

Tock...tick tock
Tick tock...tick tock


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  • 12 years ago

    by benjamin

    I like the way it shows what you are thinking..meaning you dont go off track
    and i like the way that for you to make the poem that time does stop .. just for that one sec ... even though it doesnt feel like it

    "Tick tock...tick tock
    Tick tock...tick"

    "Tock...tick tock
    Tick tock...tick tock"

  • 12 years ago

    by Sarah

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