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i'm despretly in love!! with sum1 hu dusent luv me so i cud really use sum people 2 cheer me up!!! i'm also extremly deppressed, now more than ever! i need serious help!
*seriously considering suicide* HELP ME! i think i'm losing it!

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  • There were grooves all down her cheeks where the...
    There was music in her eyes, playing loud for all...

  • Every night as I climb into my bed
    And upon the pillow lay my head...

  • Notice how you will never see her wrists,
    Notice how there always covered with, long...

  • Although I really love you
    Although I really care...

  • Sorry! for all I've done,
    i won't get in your way...

Latest Quotes By kirsty

  • Friendships like glass
    so treat it with care
    for once it is broken
    its hard to repair!

    18 years ago
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  • When the golden sun is setting
    when your mind from care is free
    when often you are thnkin
    wont you sometimes think of me!

    18 years ago
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