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Well, most of my poems are about the guy I like. We've never even spoken, but I like him anyway. And I'm shy, so I can't talk to him very well. Not only that, but he has a girlfriend...and it KILLS me every time I see him with her...So that's my subject matter, I hope that you like my poems...

{And if you could, please read all my quotes. I know i have a lot, but it'd mean a lot to me! Thanx}


PoEtRy Is ThE LaNgUaGe
Of ThE HeArT!!!!!♥♥

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Latest Poems By obsessedgurl

  • Its cute how when he smiles his teeth glow
    And his ways are so enticing...

  • You can't imagine the way that I felt
    I think of him and my heart starts to melt...

  • I don't think it's a joke
    The way I want him...

  • She always imagines
    The conversations...

  • I love to see you walk
    But not towards her...

Latest Quotes By obsessedgurl

  • Please tell me how to forget about you...
    You seem to be really good at forgetting about me...

    15 years ago
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  • The sky is jealous because his eyes are more blue than it...

    15 years ago
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  • It kills me every time I see you waiting on her by her locker...

    15 years ago
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