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kay well i luv writting and all these poems were written by me. i luv getting feedback so if you get a chance to comment that would be awesome! ill definately return the favor! enjoy! luv you!

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Latest Poems By _simply irresistible_

  • Hes picking up the pieces
    of her shattered heart...

  • I could hold you forever
    kiss away your tears...

  • Remember those days?
    seems so long ago...

  • Inside, her fragile heart it shattered
    broken in the worst possible way...

  • Take me away
    from this Hell i call my life...

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  • Let's flip a coin.
    heads, i'm yours.
    tails, you're mine.


    16 years ago
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  • You know you have the greatest friends.. when the only time they make you cry is when you're laughing too hard!!
    -Love ya Mya&Hannah-

    16 years ago
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  • Knew looking back on all the bad times would make me laugh..

    .. never knew looking back on all the good times would make me cry

    16 years ago
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