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Writing poems is a great relief from the stresses of the world. If you put your feelings into words rather than talk about them.. It un-bottles them in a completely different way. You don't have to be a great writer.. Like me.. But all it takes is emotion and imagination :) ___

Hi all.. My name is Jodi :) I'm not very good at writing poems really.. But I write to relieve stresses or let out feelings.. Not to impress. I do hope you enjoy reading my poems.. They aren't very good because I haven't built up my vocabulary/poetic skills yet.. But like I said.. They are not there to impress :) Please comment with tips or anything you think I could do to improve if you feel the need :) All help will be greatly apreciated. And I will return the favour :) Anyway.. This is getting long. Toodles for now. x

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  • The sparkle you bring to my life is like no other,
    the sparkle only I can see and shows I'm you're...

  • What's happened to that angelic sparkle?
    That seems to have fizzled away...

  • Another pair of eyes, never to see
    Why can you not agree...

  • Back in the days, carefree and wild
    Classrooms full of laughter and tears...

  • So cold, so lonely, so quiet, so alone,
    Hidden among the anxiety created...

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  • Love is love
    Love is you
    I love love
    So i love you <3

    11 years ago
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  • I dont know where this came from, but i thought i might put it on here because it is so beautiful.

    "A million words would not bring you back, i know because ive tried. Neither would a million tears, i know because ive cried"

    13 years ago
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  • I am the type of girl who sits in a quiet place and bursts out laughing about something that happened the day before.

    13 years ago
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