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My name is Ryan K, i love sports music friends and blahdy blah blah. SOCCER. my email address is sportzryan@yahoo.com,

and if you want my AIM sn email me and ask. i write when i got stuff on my mind, and i feel comfortable expressing in the way i do.

I have lots of poetry that I am real proud of and that i take with me in my heart, so I don't put it all on here for fears of it being stolen. My goal is to get them all published someday in the near future, so i will only have a max of like 3 or 4 up at a time but if you want to see more, EMAIL me or message me and ill put some more up or email them to you personally. I was published once in high school, which is on www.poetry.com, so i just think better safe then sorry when it comes to how much i put up on this public site. copyright on all my poems!!! or ill hunt you down...

Let's plan a robbery robbery robbery robbery black on black black on black black on black black on black.

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  • Earth is my battlefield.
    weapon of choice: Intellectuality.

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  • Tell me, what will you be thinking about?

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