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i LOVE ALL OF YOUR GUYS POEMS. THERE REALLY GOOD.and i love to read them and learn about everyones personality.It's alot of fun.I hope that you all can relate to my poems and i will read as many as i can cause i know I love feed back! if you don't like them or you think i could change it to make it better please let me know!

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  • Age : 16
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  • As I sit awake in bed thinking of you, I can't...
    For I will love you forever and ever and always...

  • You thought life was perfect everything was going...
    Untill everything changes what you thought you had...

  • Love me without the fear of a heartbreak
    Trust me without the fear of lies...

  • I was always trying to look for the perfect guy...
    I want this so much, the this guy (picture perfect...

  • I want to wake up with thoughts of you.
    I want to look in the sky and see a star and make...

Latest Quotes By Kacey Lynne

  • Love is something you hold onto for dear life! Because when you let it go you feel like something is always missing......

    13 years ago
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  • Close your eyes really tight when you see a shooting star. And make one truely amazing wish! Cause it might come true...I know mine did!

    13 years ago
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  • Love isn't made for only movies and fairytales with happy ending.....It's offering in life as we know it.

    As of July 19th, 2007!!!!!!!

    13 years ago
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