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I'm 13,and started writing poems a while ago and then came upon this site and its great to have people comment on your poems so you can get another persons opinion.

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  • Best friends is what we are
    Best friends is what we'll always be...

  • I love...
    I love the way just looking at you makes me smile...

  • You stole my heart the day we met
    Thats a day i'll never forget...

  • You're my shining star
    Leading me on my way...

  • I sit here alone wondering who I am
    Asking myself,Why am I even here...

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  • L-O-V-E..what is love a four letter word that can mean so much to one person......a word that will change someones life the first time they hear someone say it to them.......or is it just a word like any other word nothing special.

    15 years ago
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  • I can't be perfect,no one can you always tell me to do my best,but yet when I try its not good enough.Understand that I love you and would do ANYTHING for you!

    15 years ago
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  • When i held your hand u let go when i gave u a hugg u pushed me away when i opened my door u walked out but this time i shut it and its staying shut.

    Kinda sux but ya oh well

    15 years ago
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