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i love to write!!!
i play,piano,guitar,violin,recorder and bagpipes.i am a bible believing baptist and saved through Jesus Christ.i write,draw,paint,play insturments,sing,teach and i love to learn languages,

im going to finish high school early and go to PBI,Pensicola Bible Institute.i will than open an orphange in Malawi Africa for this is what God has called me to do.

if you want to talk my msn messanger is

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  • Tonights the night in the gloom its heard.
    a soft melody drift across the dismal night...

  • With a splash my tear fell on your cheek.
    as i held you in my arms while you struggle to...

  • Autumn,it calls to me(short)
    the wind blew gently...

  • Look at my hands,
    scarred from slavery's bands...

  • An old feeble man walked into the store,
    'have you seen my Anne?' he would ask the clerk...

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  • Go ahead and use my poems for Gods glory actually plz use them for Gods glory lol! thxs

    ~Amie Jo~

    18 years ago
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  • Your best friends are those that dont ignore you when they are in a different crowd,they will say the truth even if it hurts,they will help no matter what happens,but most of all they will love you.

    ~Amie Jo~

    18 years ago
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  • Why is it that this road never seems to end?
    this path that needs a mend?
    cross to the other side why dont we?
    the road is saying..."wont you go with me?"
    the road of life.

    18 years ago
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