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Hey!So my name is Amber..Im 17 and i am currently goin thru kinda an identy crisis if thats what you wanna call it..I used to be this girl that wore all the name brand expensive clothes but now i find myself becoming more..umm...emo i guess you could say...well more punk then emo...So ya idk lol..If you wanna know something about me just ask cuz i dont really feel like typin everything on

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  • My teardrops fall like rain
    As I sit here in the night...

  • It's what we do for love that sets us apart from...
    It's who we choose to love, that puts us to the...

  • From the first time that we met, I knew you were...
    Every one else was jealous, but we were having...

  • I know that we are through, I just...
    I know that you donâ??t care, even...

  • My Best friend is the best there could be.
    Without her there would be no me...

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