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Alrighty Peoples.
I Am Having Quite A Teenage Experience.
I'm 13..
I See Through Green Eyes && Live Up To The Blond Jokes.
But the real reason why im doin gthese quotes is's the way i can explain myself...i can't talk to people; I'd Rather keep everything to myself. But this is the best way to express my feelings.
But anyways...i dated a boy from about 4 months or so. and then i partied and got drunk and cheated. And i told him about it the next day. ( i recommend not to cheat you'll never hear the end of it) and then he got drunk and cheated...and then i got drunk and cheated again...So we broke up 12/31/2006.
So we both started out the year of '07 off single. But he got a new girlfriend a WEEK! only a week after. and when i heard that i totally broke apart.
&& i'll admit it.
I love to drink.
Do Drugs.
&& Have A Great Time.
But I'm Getting Really Depressed && Starting To Cut agian...and im working on becoming Anerexic. So yeah....quotes are my therapy lol.
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  • If you love someone say it.
    You say it right then.
    Out loud.
    Otherwise the moment will just...Pass You By.

    13 years ago
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  • I'm Sorry But I Think I Failed To Mention That I Lied At My Very First Confession.

    13 years ago
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  • Pretending everything is right; To make it better.
    I'll hide my make-up smeared eyes; To show that i tried.
    Some how you managed to get under my skin.
    More Than Anyone Else

    13 years ago
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