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basically i see in almost every poem a segment of it is just brilliantly written, it is like the inspiration for the whole entire poem and that is the reason for my passion of writting, the passion in the poem can just feel so real, like its not even a few words..its your everyday life.

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  • The moons reflections hide the loneliness
    and the shadows are there to help remind us

    this way we no longer have to fake it, hapiness can come you just have to believe it

    14 years ago
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  • Poeple have there own way to get through life.
    i cut to get through.

    and some people just let there problems go.
    and i let them go too,
    out of my eyes as tears.

    some people take life one day at a time,
    i take it one cut at a time.

    14 years ago
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  • Its like the world rips any happiness that may appear right from under my feet and makes me fall back down in pain and sorrow. wishing my life away and live with no tomorrow.

    14 years ago
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