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Hello everyone!...I'm glad that you checked out my profile....i really wish that you would take the time to read my poems...not because they're mine but because i think you might be able to relate to them and i still read them...just remember one thing...Jesus loves you!

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  • L etting ur heart get broken!
    O pening up to tears everyday...

  • You knew I loved you
    You knew I would do anything for you...

  • Why??? (1)

    Why did Romeo and Juliet die in the end?
    Why did the people on the notebook die in the end...

  • I asked for some water,
    and you gave me an ocean...

  • Love is when u miss the person before they\'re...
    Love is when u could knock out any girl who just...

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  • And for once in forever....just once..i was with u and I actually didn't think of him!!

    13 years ago
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  • And if love was fair my heart wouldn't be in a million pieces....and if love was fair I wouldn't have to fake a smile...and if love was fair life would suck cuz no one would have to fight for who they love!!!

    14 years ago
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  • Don't you just hate it when that boy that you're meant to be with knows ur meant to be with him too...but he just doesn't do anything about it?

    14 years ago
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