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Hey to all people that are reading this, I'm 14 and I live ina little god forsaken town in the middle of of no where, that is suroded by woods all over. I hope that you enjoy my poems, allthough some of them arn't very good.
Any ways I have a few friends that I would like to say hi to like, Shauna, Megan, Brianne, the other megan, and more people. So go ahead and read. Coments are greatly appricated.

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Latest Poems By CuteCleaver14

  • Feeling oh so confused
    but not quite abused...

  • To much work pilling high
    time for me to say good bye...

  • Waiting for that day
    oh so far away...

  • Living there for man years
    Shedding not a single tear...

  • Your coming back this time of year,
    to come and see all of your piers...

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  • Suicide.... lifes easy way out.

    16 years ago
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  • Ill be happy the day that you die!

    16 years ago
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  • There is a copple of reasons why I go to Walmart
    #1) to throw random things into nieghboring isles. #2) to run up to randome people and say I havent seen you in a long time. and see if they play along to avoid embarecment.

    16 years ago
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