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Hello pplz. Thanx for all of your votes and comments. I do really appreciate them and hope to get more in the future. I dont write a whole lot, but i write from my heart. I love to meet new pplz, so if you want, you can IM me, my sn is crzyabtnothin, or midnghtblaze87, but i block anyone not on my list, so if you wana talk, send me a private message with your sn and ill add you. In ne case, read my poems if you will and i hope you do enjoy them. If so..please leave a comment and i will return the favor if you'd like. Thanx again.


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  • The moment we're born, we start to die. The moment i met you, i started to lose you, cuz nothing is forever...right?

    ~Seany!~ Aka BooBies

    15 years ago
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  • I am never talking to myself, because GoD is always listening.

    16 years ago
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  • When i first saw you i was affraid to talk to you. When i first talked to you i was affraid to like you. WHen i first liked you i was affraid to love you. Now that i love you i'm affraid to lose you

    16 years ago
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