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Hey Everyone. As you guys already know, I love writing poetry. Well, that’s why we are all here, anyways. I find that it’s a way that I can express myself and the emotions that I feel and I am so grateful that I can share my poems with you all and I love hearing your feedback. Thank you to everyone who has commented my poems and rated them. Its good to get feedback on what people think of your poems! Feel free to leave your comments and ratings, much appreciated!!
Peace and Love

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  • Age : 18
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Latest Poems By Kylie

  • Hearts pounding
    Thoughts surrounding...

  • These are my words so let them be
    I wish there was a way to make you see...

  • I don't love you anymore
    Coz you walked out the door...

  • Stop trying to convince me
    That what you say it true...

  • I don't care about you anymore
    I don't love you like I did before...

Latest Quotes By Kylie

  • We learn from what hurts us and we learn from what loves us just as much.

    14 years ago
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  • Death ends a life not a relationship!

    14 years ago
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  • When we are infints we need love, comfort and support. When we are dying we need love, comfort and support, but in between is when we really need it the most!

    14 years ago
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