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ok... I have been having some hard times in my life right now! I use poems to get out all my anger! So please read my poems and comment on them! You can also vote! If u do I will read ur poems and comment and vote on them! PLEASE! It would mean a lot to me! Thanx!

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  • Here's a story of a 15-year old girl.
    She was a regular teen girl with flaws...

  • When we locked eyes
    I fell madly in love...

  • I feel (3)

    I feel like shit
    Like somebody spit on me...

  • Connor (5)

    We went out for a month
    I shouldn't say I enjoyed it...

  • Why don't you like me?
    I feel mistreated...

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  • When you loose the love of you life,
    don't stop lovin,
    because you will loose
    the greatest thing in the

    15 years ago
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