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Latest Poems By Mhariz

  • If time could stand still, Id freeze it here,
    So youd always hold me, close and near...

  • So often when I am embracing you,
    It seems that you exist in this world...

  • I picked her but I love you
    I didnt want to ruin your life to...

  • It's amazing what merely being with you does to...
    It's something goes beyond my control...

  • When I talk with you
    I know the meaning of "UNDERSTANDING&quot...

Latest Quotes By Mhariz

  • Life is like a road that we should pass through, 'til it's very end...
    But if one day you feel you're tired walking, I'll comfort you in my arms and say " Dopnt worry I'll walked with you till the End".

    14 years ago
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  • Worry destroy's your thinking, disrupts your works, destroy your poise and disfigures your face...
    So get rid of it!"Why worry when you can pray"

    14 years ago
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  • It's hard to fall when your not sure if someone will catch you..
    But isn't it wonderful when you fall and no one was there to catch you...
    yet, someone was there to pick you up and say, " I've fallen first".

    14 years ago
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