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Hey my name is briana and i live in california. I live with my mom and step dad in one house and then my dad and step mom in another house. I also have 6 sisters!! Ya, its tough but fun. I am one of those girls who doesnt really care what other ppl think about me. I figure, life is unpredictable and wild. Death may come upon any of us at anytime so why waist your time depriving others and wondering what they think of you?? Silly right! Well one of my very close family members, my dad, had cancer for a while and it just really opened my eyes to the world and showed me that life is valuable. I used to waist my time chatting on the phone, shopping every weeekend, and I only really cared about myself. Ever since the day my dad was diagnosed with that cancer...I have totally changed my perspective of everything. Now i spend most of my time with family, traveling, exploring new things and discovering myself truly. So ya. If you wanna talk or just wanna know more about me, IM me- Caligirl10877, or e mail me! Peace out and God Bless You

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  • Its when you cant say anything back when they take your breath, and thats when they kno you totally in love <3

    12 years ago
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  • Dance with me in the rain
    just take me by the hand

    spin me around toss me up and down,
    stepping throught the sand.

    12 years ago
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  • I have to let him go today, cause if i dont, It will hurt me more when he is taken away from me!

    12 years ago
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