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Hi my name is Danielle i love to write poetry and i love to sing i go to school here in milwaukee wisconsin i love it here
my poems really express my feelings and about recent deaths in my family also about my love life yea its all real no fakes here i write all my poems my self .
i love my poems and i know i could use a little work so if you think you know how it could be better than better than write me and comment and rate my poems what you do for me ill be sure to do it in return i check my ratings and comments everyday so i would return the favor .thanks all you swwet cheeks lol you gotta love me <3

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : USA, Wisconsin
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  • I thought your suppose to be family
    i thought your suppose to take care of me...

  • Doesn't it make you mad when it seems things...
    like people waiting for the rain to dry but it...

  • How come it has to be like this
    your the one i truly miss...

  • Do you know what i think about before i go to...
    do you know why i smile alot and inside i wanna...

  • What are friends for? someone once said
    there for that shoulder when you cry...

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  • Ive decided that i cried my last tear yesterday

    12 years ago
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  • I know all the things you do
    all the pain you caused me even while i had enough to go through
    but why do i still love you?

    12 years ago
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  • My life with you means everything so im not giving up that easily

    12 years ago
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