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hi guys =] i'm kristen.. i use to cut a lot.. i will here and there.

if you guys have anything you wanna talk about im here and you can email me . i just love getting emails and talking to you guys!

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  • && sometimes she likes when her life goes by so fast. beause then she doesn't have time to feel all the pain that she's in

    14 years ago
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  • I hear them whisper
    i hear them talk
    i see them stare
    as i walk

    giggles and laughter
    fill the air
    i feel so ugly
    its just not fair

    high school girls
    can be so cruel
    making girls like me
    feel like such a fool

    14 years ago
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  • racing thoughts
    cold sweat
    numbness through the body
    i must be upset

    breathing shortens
    dizziness begins
    what is going on?
    my anxiety wins

    14 years ago
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