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i'm nadosh from syria but i live in UAE.....i love poetry in both arabic & english....& i write poetry but i don't actually call it poetry coz i think they r thoughts...a way to express feelings....

anyway i love critisizm so don't hesitate when u want to comment.....waiting for ur answers...:)

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  • Country : United Arab Emirates
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Latest Poems By nadosh passion

  • Love (What is?)
    Is it...

  • The beauty of the night is in the sight of your...
    The light of the moon in your smile...

  • My heart wanted to talk to u
    My hands wanted to touch u...

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  • I will move along with my life...
    Even if my life is worthless without him by my side...

    12 years ago
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  • I miss the eyes..the words..the smile..the touch..the love..
    but above all I miss the man

    12 years ago
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  • I Just Hope You Dont Break My Heart As Fast AS You Healed It ~*~

    12 years ago
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