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So here it is,
I'm 20 yrs old.
I live in Florida, but i'm originally from Buffalo.
I love my boyfriend, but his ex is getting in our way.
I love nice people and despise mean.
I'm easy to get along with if we have the same intrests.
Sometimes people take me for granted and walk all over me.
I have a big heart and its open to all but only one holds my heart and thats Philip my sweet my love and reason for being.

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  • Age : 20
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  • Country : USA, Florida
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Latest Poems By silla

  • There is nothing left in this broken heart.
    Nothing left not even a shadow, not even a soul...

  • Here's where i stand.
    This is who i am...

  • Its not true,
    People say I will never find another...

  • Your never there , so whay should i care?
    the pain it aches...

  • I wonfer if you think of me,
    As i think of you...

Latest Quotes By silla

  • If you dont stand for what you believe in..
    Then you most certainly fall for any thing

    13 years ago
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  • Life is like money ,
    You can spend it any way you wish
    but you may only spend it once.
    so spend it wisely

    13 years ago
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  • i'm not sure sure how to obtain success;
    but the way to obtain failure trying to please everyone else

    13 years ago
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