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hey my name is jerica brown, im 20 years old, i write about some of my personal experiences as well as others, i write about cutting but i dont do that..its just some thoughts that i have. but anyways im the type of girl that would do anything for anybody, im not a mean person at all. but yet i dont care what people think. im prolly one of the sweetest girls u could ever meet..so dont be afraid to talk to me lol.. im sooo unpredictable and random..thats one thing i love about myself..keeps things interesting... i also love playing guitar..it relieves me of my stress.
Im from a lil town in Arkansas..im a big time country girl..i love it.
Im a senior at hillcrest school..Im also Homecoming Queen, Miss Hillcrest Senior High, Sexiest Senior Girl, and Annual Queen..i was suprised by all of that lol
but if you need anybody to talk to im here =) and im very understanding. please comment my things and tell me what u think..and i will do the same..thanks!!!!
Oh and if ya wanna add me on myspace or anything..my url is myspace.com/jerica_b If ya add me let me know ur from this site and everything

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  • Age : 20
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  • A new life sounds good, or just a few changes...
    Wondering where the happiness has gotten off to...

  • Im better off, now that ur gone,
    one last goodbye...

  • Your heart is a prison cell that im locked into,
    be careful what u wish for because my wish came...

  • Fall in love from frozen lies,
    open your ears and close your eyes...

  • Its about that time of night
    im getting really scared...

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  • So, she takes the tears off her cheeks
    & placed them on his lips....
    she not only wanted him to
    FEEL her pain...
    she wanted him to
    TASTE it.

    11 years ago
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  • Take my advice...and dont listen to a word i say

    12 years ago
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  • I cried today not because I missed you, but because I finally realized I'm gonna be alright without you

    12 years ago
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