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umm... im not all that good at writing, but i enjoy it. i guess thats all that matters, right? when i write i dont necessarily write about how i feel, but more about how i think the majority of girls my age feel... anyways... tell me if you like my poems, and if not tell me why ... thanks... and lots of it (( ;+; ))

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  • Age : 16
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Latest Poems By Cassandra Wojick

  • Every time i see you,
    my heart still skips a beat...

  • Late at night when the whole world is sleeping,
    i stay up and think of you...

  • Just tell what to do,
    i swear, I'll do anything for you...

  • I won't give in; i won't give up.
    i will succeed no matter what...

  • I keep closing my eyes,
    but i can't block you out...

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  • " you are my inspiration to seek excellence beneath the beauty. "

    12 years ago
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