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married, live with my husband and baby daughter, who has multiple medical problems, in Wolverhampton.

I'm a Christian, I suffer with mental health.

I love to write poetry, it's where I find my voice, with the written word - I can be completely honest, and it's what I'm very passionate about. I grew up a "geek" - a bookworm, and forever writing short stories.

As well as poetry, I'm always working on a few books for my daughter, I love the personal touch!

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  • "....all most
    people ever want in life, is to
    love someone, who loves them
    unconditionally back...."

    12 years ago
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  • "..i want to do something
    with my life, - make a
    difference....i want to become
    someone my future-children are
    proud of"

    12 years ago
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  • Unless you're ready to forgive, letting go isn't easy..

    12 years ago
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