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my name is olivia.
i'm just ur average, abnormal person.
my clothes never wear as well the next day,
and my hair never falls in quite the same way,
i never seem to run out of things to say,
this is the story of a girl,
who cried a river and drown the whole world.
vampires are one of my passions.
poetry is my life.
i write for the same reason i breathe, cause if i didn't i would die.
i'm well aware i'. not the best, in fact i'm far from it. and words, they are loaded guns to my head.
and words, they are my sanctuary.
all in all, i'm just a girl.
i'm not perfect, but i may be the world to someone.
that's what i live for.
love while you have a heart.
live while ur alive.
and if all else fails,
i'll always be an ear.
so, if ur having a hard time, i'd love to try.
i'm not an angel.
but i can be.
i'm sometimes emotionally reckless.
my weakness is that care to much.

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