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Im a typical Aussie girl. I dont mind living the simple life. I enjoy dancing, friend's partys and anything that invloves having a good time. Also horse riding is pretty much my life. Im a great believer in love and have fallen in love for the first time with my boyfriend Justin. I scribble down a poem or two when im in the mood or when great words come to mind. I love my friends, my Mr, my horse, my family and my life in general.

Cheers, Marly

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  • "I had an obsession with love and a phobia of heart break, like a beekeeper who was afraid of bees."

    8 years ago
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  • In life it's not as easy as just doing whats right, its doing what you think is important. There are decisions where we must stop being selfless to protect what we love and for a person with integrity, those are the hardest decisions to make.

    11 years ago
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  • If you're not living your life doing the things you love, then you're not living at all.

    12 years ago
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