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Im not your average thing cant be called a person i don't believe people have as much energy as me i <3 writing it explains alot about me i have weird dreams and wish i could either draw them or write them on paper ...i usually cant
I'm totally odd and random can be brutally honest..
and I'm highly opinionated.
i love scandle thrive on it really
I'm pretty honest , i hate drama
i change my mind frequently
i decide on something then think better of it and change my mind again
i understand more then most give me credit for if i don't have a solution i conveniently forget..he he he it annoys people i am bi i lean towards girls Im into anything that sounds amusing lol i totally am a picky eater
my friends are the best mi into BDSM and not scared to tell you about all my random and weird experiences!
and everything else about me you can ask and you might receive

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  • A million places to be and go
    a million things to say i know...

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    i know its a recording but its still your voice i...

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  • Oculos habent et non videbunt

    "they have eyes but will not see"

    11 years ago
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  • Alot you see with just your eyes:open your heart and see with your mind

    12 years ago
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  • A million lies can kill a smile:a million smiles can indeed be a lie.

    12 years ago
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