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I love to write poetry. i feel as though i put my thoughts in writing. how ever i feel or what im thinking it goes on paper. most of my poetry is dedicated to ma baby, my life line. i have a very caring man in my life and i love him so much, he is mostly the reason i write. i'm a real easy person to get along with very sociable, but im very opionated, i will say what's on my mind when i want to say it. I love being with friends, family, and most of all my hubbi.

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  • You ever love someone so much that when you see...
    your knees start to buckle...

  • I kno u luv me, u can't live wit out me..
    but y do i still get a feeling dat ur not true to...

  • Yup it's another love sick poem..
    you know you'd think you've written all the love...

  • No One (1)

    Ur da onli one in my lyfe dat undastands me, da...
    i kno u care deeply bout me, u can't live wit out...

  • Give me that promise ring, place it on my ring...
    People may think that we're crazy but we are crazy...

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  • Marriage...That is a very strong word...The commitment of my body mind and soul to you FOREVER...can you REALLY handle that?

    13 years ago
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  • A Real Man can love you when your right, love you when your wrong, love you when your weak, love you when your strong, take you higher when the worlds got you feeling low, and give you comfort when he thinks your feeling hurt.

    13 years ago
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  • As i watch u sleep, watch how ur chest moves as u breathe, it makes me oh so weak. i love u boo, i whisper it softly in your ear, hoping its something u will always want to hear.

    13 years ago
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