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Hiya :) i hope ya like me poems that ive wrote and hope ya enjoy em. im not very good at em, but i just like to show how im feeling etc...i would appricate comments so i know where im going wrong and any suggestions you have i wud like. i just wanna improve me writing skills so i appricate all comments :) Thank You for your time

Love Danii xxx

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  • I'm sorry for everything I've done
    I'm sorry for all the pain...

  • Here i am again,
    always the same old story...

  • Now this is a story all about love
    and how on a young heart it can be rough...

  • I wish it was so easy
    and that you would just realize...

  • It might be a different person
    but the situation remains the same...

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  • Saying Goodbye Tonight Only Means Saying Hello Tomorrow

    11 years ago
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  • When Two People Are Meant For Eachother...No Time Is Too Long, No Distance Is Too Far And Noone Can Tear Them Apart

    11 years ago
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  • One More Day Without You, Is One More Day Closer To Being With You

    11 years ago
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