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Hello I am just an old fashioned country girl from the south and I love to write about anything that is on my mind. I lost my dad in 1994 and I write alot about him. I also write about love. Hope everyone enjoys this country girl's poems. I know I enjoy writing them.

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Latest Poems By MuddinGirl

  • Little ones, oh so dear
    When they cry, I hold them near...

  • Tennessee is orange
    Kentucky is blue...

  • You may pick and you may fuss
    You may tease and you may cuss...

  • If you only knew, if you could only see
    the trials and problems that are troubling me...

  • What I would give just to have you
    Here by my side, I know what I'd do...

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  • Give a man an inch and he thinks he is a ruler!!

    12 years ago
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  • To be true to yourself is to be true to others.

    12 years ago
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  • It takes a boy to laugh but a man to cry.

    12 years ago
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