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hey everyone! wow its been a long time since i logged in here. i was 15 and 16 when i wrote all those poems and now i'm 19 dang i've matured alot. lol well i love coming here and reading all the poems you guys write. it takes my mind off my hetic life. well enjoy and feel free to read and comment on mine.

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  • This is a poem to my boyfriend. . a lot may not...
    I met you at a karaoke bar...

  • Sometimes I know the words to say,
    Give thanks for all you've done...

  • She lives a life of solitude.
    She lived a life in vain...

  • Forgive the sun who didn't shine
    The sky had asked her in to dine...

  • Here's to kids who are different,
    Kid who don't always get As...

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  • ~ Hey Please read my poem . . .What I could do with you. . .~its my favorite poem that i wrote and i'm desperately wanting some comments about it. . . i will gladly comment on your poems too!!~ thanks love yall

    16 years ago
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  • ***~Tried of trying. . sick of crying. . yeah i'm smiling. . but inside i'm dying!~***

    not my quote i got it off a friends buddy thing! i like it though!

    16 years ago
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  • ***~ Love is like quicksand the deeper you fall in love the harder it is to get out!~***

    16 years ago
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