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**to understand others you must
first understand yourself**


-- take a million pennies all
with the date *2007* on them, and
now place one penny with that date
*1907* on it. mix them together and
gather a million and one people to
each grab a single penny. i am the
1907 baby! there is only one in a
million of me :) ...

------------------- --------------
-- if you leave me a comment
with something more then
"Good" or what one liners
then i will most likely return the
favour. If i don't like your poem i
will tell you why i don't like it
and what not, but i will also tell
you ways i believe you can improve
your poem with out telling you what
to write :) so come in and comment
:-) --------------------------
--------- I read this somewhere
and it made my day that much
brighter **Pass on a smile,
Pass on a hug, Happiness is
contagious as
love -------------------------
--------- and when life becomes
a jig saw puzzle. i seem to only be
able to write about him...

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