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Ejjj im zvetlana from Malta .... Unfortunatly i started writting poemtry when i was passing from a sad phase of my life and almost all my poems are sad...
BUT now thank god i found the love of my life and there was a turning point in my writting... hope you will enjoy reading them ...

When im sad or depressed my scapegoats are dancing and poetry ... i can express anything i want ... it's like my second world to me.

love you all

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  • Country : Malta
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  • How can you love again when your only hope is...
    you always told me that i dont understand...

  • I'm no Barbie doll.
    I'm no super star...

  • They told me,
    that dreams are ment for sleeping...

  • A year (1)

    This been a year,
    since we've been so close...

  • You want me to be perfect,
    you want me up to your expectations...

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  • Have it ever passed your mind ...
    that your aint perfect to...
    ... so why are you treating me
    like the queen of guilt ??

    11 years ago
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